What is Affirmative Prayer?

Imagine a clear jug to which is added a mixture of different colored dyes until the bottom of the jug contains a dark murky mixture. Then imagine pouring pure clear water into the jug. As the pure clean water is added to the vessel it dilutes the murky mixture. The more clear water is added to the jug, the clearer the mixture becomes – until it has no more tint from the dye.

Affirmations work in much the same way; they act like the clearing agent being poured into the jug to dilute the mixture of murky thoughts, beliefs, erroneous words, and negativity swilling around in our consciousness.

This is a helpful analogy to bear in mind if, while stating an affirmation, we experience resistance that says, “I don’t believe this,” or “this isn’t true”. Just remember… it’s simply a clearing process to replace the negative with the positive.

Affirmative prayer can be a really powerful tool to use – not to cajole, beseech, or impress a God of our understanding, but to change our perception of a situation and any false beliefs, or limiting ideas we may hold about it or ourselves.

Prayer changes everything –because it changes us!


Affirmative Prayer Resources

Affirmative prayer treatments are designed to support us with whatever situation we may currently be experiencing.

Remember to declare your chosen affirmative treatment and the associated stand-alone Power Statements with feeling and passion, until you feel the words vibrating in your body. 

Repeat them often to dilute and replace any negative ideas, beliefs, or behavior patterns you may inadvertently be holding in consciousness. Personalize the statements, adjusting and tweaking the wording as necessary, to make them your own.


Dynamic Prosperity Decree for March 2018

Each month we feature a Dynamic Prosperity Decree on the Touching the Stillness radio show that listeners are encouraged to use before they click the “Donate” button or use their smartphone to text a gift in support of the network. We’re featuring it here for you to decree and perhaps consider affirming before sharing your financial gifts, wherever it is that you have decided to tithe or donate this month.

I affirm:

"God is my source, therefore I can live boldly, with courage enough to receive the phenomenal blessings I seek and desire. Amen.”

Affirmative Prayer Treatment for March 2018

I affirm:

“I am an intentional presence of peace. I am always free to choose peace. Peace is the perfect gift I choose to be and give today. I realize peace within, when I recognize a higher vibration, the vibration of Spirit; and it re-establishes harmony in my relationships, choices, and all aspects of my life. The gifts I share come from this place of peace and are given with integrity and authenticity, with love I am a spiritual peace keeper. Others experience a sense of peace when in my presence. And so it is. Amen.”

Power statement: 

"I am a spiritual peace keeper and others experience a sense of peace just by being in my presence."

Pray with Silent Unity

If you would like to pray with someone in person, feel free to connect directly with Silent Unity. A Prayer Associate will be happy to pray confidentially with you on the telephone regarding any matter. Call: 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729). This confidential prayer line is available 24 hours a day.